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We are the business learning partners you have been looking for. With us, develop advanced Digital marketing skills at a global level.

The Impact of Prodigiter's Corporate Training

Our Practical and interactive training has a remarkably greater impact than other forms of learning in digital marketing.

Our Corporate Training Programs provide :-

Prodigiter Advantage

We collaborate with multinational corporations to help them build talent and map digital skills to desired learner outcomes.

Immersive, Result- Oriented Learning

Online, live, interactive sessions, personalized mentoring sessions, hands on learning gives practical exposure to our students.

Tailored Solutions that suit your need

We offer customized, specialized corporate solutions to our learners helping them carve a successful career in Digital Marketing.

Advanced Curriculum led by Industry Experts

Programs developed in collaboration with leading professionals from around the world, associated with top certifications.

Enterprise Features

We provide a comprehensive learning approach, hands on training, live project execution and agency level training led by expert practitioners in the industry.

Interactive Learning Experience

Enterprise Support

Reporting And Analytics

LMS Services

Enterprise Integrations

Client Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training refers to the procedure of enhancing a company's employees' essential job skills and expertise through a structured approach of learning. Typical examples include online or offline instructional content (textual or video), virtual lectures and tutoring, offline or online collaborations and more.

Why is Corporate Training important for Enterprises?

Corporate training profits both organizations and employees by ensuring that employees quickly acquire the skills they need to achieve the business objectives and accomplishments. It also enhances teamwork, employee satisfaction, and engagement, and employee's skills and expertise, job value, and professional growth. As per a research conducted by the American Society of Training and Development, corporate training has helped businesses achieve profits of more than 24%. Corporate training has even helped some firms to generate more than 200% of profit from each trained and competent employee by providing specialized qualifications and certifications to their portfolios. Corporate training programmes help boost an organization's reputation and capacity to recruit new employees.

What sets Prodigiter's Corporate Training Program Apart?

Prodigiter's collaborative Digital Marketing learning strategy has been proved to contribute to consistent and accurate learning goals. As the leading online corporate training provider for digital skills, we have a higher rate of learner engagement. The Prodigiter curriculum is designed and modified by renowned experts in each industry, and it is linked to relevant certification authorities, with an emphasis on digital skills that are in high demand in modern businesses. Companies can benefit from interactive instructor-led live virtual classrooms, digital learning, hands-on projects, and virtual labs, as well as an LMS dashboard that provides visibility and support for both administrators and trainees.

What is the need for Digital Marketing corporate training?

Companies have been obliged to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape as a result of the digitization of the global economy due to Covid. More and more clients have to be targeted through digital channels in the new post-covid global economy. By using digital potential, our Digital Marketing corporate training helps to integrate mainstream and digital promotional campaigns.

How can a Digital Marketing corporate training programme aid in the development and retention of top employees?

94% of employees think they would stay at a company for a long time if it just invested in their education. Our Digital Marketing Corporate Training equips your employees with solid understanding of the latest technologies and techniques, as well as best industry practices, to help them prepare for high-level marketing positions.

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