TS Shruthi

Content Speclist
My name is Shruthi and I want to share how the Prodigiter Acadamy has shaped my career
My name is Shruthi and I want to share how the Prodigiter Acadamy has shaped my career. Writing has always been my greatest passion. I pursued my bachelor’s and master’s in horticulture but was unable to fill the void of content writing within me. I strongly wanted to delve into the depths of the Content-Sphere.
I, therefore, started working as a Content Marketing Strategist at “Green Tantra” and later got employed as a Content Marketing Manager at “Do it with Plants”. Though I was working in the content sector, I was always unhappy with my work. I wanted to do better and upscale my career.
I was fortunate to have discovered Prodigiter’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course that gave my content writing career the much-needed push. The course helped me learn advanced SEO, Content Marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads and Web Development. Their mentorship and guidance have proven to be highly beneficial for me.
The course has an in-depth curriculum with detailed modules that cover all aspects of advanced digital marketing. There are hands-on assignments that are submitted every week to the trainers before the next live class for evaluation.
The course also provides practical training, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions by industry experts, live project execution, and placement assistance. The constant guidance and the motivation from the trainers aided my learning. The excellent mentorship adds to the overall positive experience.
After the course, my passion for the digital industry got a boost. As a result, I switched my career from Horticulture to Digital Marketing. I got the opportunity to work as a Social Media and Content Marketing Manager at “Web Converts” and my journey has been incredible since then.
I later moved to Israel at the “Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce” to explore a broader sector of the content writing field. I am currently working at “IAMOPS” as a Content Specialist.
I would like to thank the Prodigiter Academy and Web Converts who provided me with the right platform and structure which helped me grow big in my content writing career.

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